Tucked up in Portoison.

Fri 17 Aug 2007 15:12
 Tucked up in Portoison.

Paul has headed back to the UK for several days and the girls and I are tucked up in Portoison, which is situated on the east side of the Ria de Muros. Galicia region of Spain has many features to commend it, but probably none more than the marvelous Ria's. Sailing or indeed driving (as we have rented a car for a few days) is a treat to behold with many beautiful views providing a rich combination of rolling lush green mountains (thanks to the fog), blue seas and gorgeous beeches.

Kate and Molly and their new friend Connor (from a boat called Beyzona) have discovered that the beeches here produce larger shell fish (having collected a number of very large clam, cockles and oyster shells) and loads of star fish.

We have also visited Santiago De Compostela. The Cathedral is magnificent, the build was started in 1078. We left the car and walked the last two miles, in the company of the pilgrims some of whom had been walking for 500 miles (4 weeks), starting out mainly on foot (some on bikes) from Rioja. Ornate, seems a woefully inadequate description of the inside of the building, there are a number of altars, but the main altar holds a golden cloaked bejeweled statue of St James surrounded by intricate carvings and paintings. Was definitely worth the two mile walk not sure I would want to do the 500 miles!!

Jo Jo is very content here and looking forward to a trip into town tonight to enjoy the festival of sardines!! No idea what that is all about but sure it will be fun.

Bye for now

Jigsaw Crew (minus skipper)