Sunbathing in foreign climes!!

Thu 5 Jul 2007 22:28
Well we have made it to Gravelines, only 32 miles from Ramsgate, but at least we have left England. Molly and Kate got very excited having spotted 2 maybe 3 dolphins swimming alongside us for about ten minutes, they dolphins delighted us by diving through the boats bow wave as we sailed along at about 6knots. They both coped well with the force 6 winds that we experienced during the passage and enjoyed seeing Paul get  soaked as a couple of large waves broke over the cockpit and landed on his head. Boat behaved very well and everything is apparently working well. Gales forecast for Friday, so we are not going anywhere till Saturday.
Left Ramsgate at about 08:00 and arrived in Gravelines about 14:30, just as the wind really picked up for a while.We tied the boat up and did a quick trip to Lidl's supermarket to stock up with good wine, cider and beer at really good prices. The dry Reisling from Alsace is fantastic, highly recomended by the Jigsaw wine club. The boat is now sitting upright firmly stuck  in very soft mud, not moving an inch as people walk around the boat, there is literally about two inches of water around the boat with the soft glutinous slimey mud almost up to the waterline.Paul and Howard dined on snails, squid and Cote d'Rhone, Foie Gras for Kate , peanut butter for Molly and toast for Mary. 
By the way it is still raining!