Xmas Eve on Jigsaw

Mon 24 Dec 2007 13:49
Position at 10:30:     15.41N 56.09W
Brandy at 7 am, due to trauma of nearly being brained by a wildly swinging boom whilst putting the mainsail up.
Tea at 9 to start the day properly, two fishing lines already out in an effort to catch Christmas Dinner. Bring on the Dorado with brussel sprouts, roast potatoes and gravy! Also considering catching an Albatros and trying to stuff it with a bit of Paxo sage and onion, then pass it of as turkey (not sure if I will get away with this one).
Ian watching the Last King of Scotland, Idi Amin has long been Ian's role model and he is keen to pick up some tips on how to be a despot!
Our ETA is still Boxing Day, currently, 10:00 on 24/12, motor sailing at about 5 knots with (only) around 300 to go, had the chute up all day yesterday in an effort to make up for lots of light winds earlier in the passage! May have to motor a good deal in  the next couple of days as the wind is forecast to remain lightish most of the time. Saw another yacht last evening and had a long chat on VHF, they were a French crew, enroute to Guadeloupe, delivering a charter boat but have run out of cooking fuel so surviving by warmin stuff up on  the engine.
Thinking about the arrival with a degree of anticipation, helped by receiving restaurant reviews from friends already in St Lucia. No mention of any restaurants serving my squid in garlic, which is the BEST, will have to wait until I get back for this!.
Not sure how Santa is going to get down our mast tonight, or if the reindeer will have to swim around the boat. Think the XmasDecorations are going up soon!