The Day of the Dolphins!!

Mon 27 Aug 2007 17:51
If you are a fan of dolphin spotting then you should have been on Jigsaw today. We saw at least 50 dophins today, they appeared first just as we were leaving Portosin Marina at about 9:30 this morning, a large pod of very large common dolphins swam around the boat for some time. They were bouncing around us for about ten minutes, we are, as you may have gathered, all suckers for dolphins so we were completely mesmerised by the close proximity of such a large gang who seemed to be particularly attached to our boat. Later in the day, as we made our way down to Bayona, we had a number of further visits from gangs of marauding dolphins, each time they came alongside we sailed with them with cries of delight from all on board, on one occasion they stayed long enough for us to get some pretty good video footage of them swimming next to the boat. 
We are now moored in Bayona, a beautiful town with delightful surroundings, may be here a while. Will go down to Portugal next on our way to the Canaries. still sailing with Beyzona, who also have children on board. Molly, Kate, Connor and Annika make a formidable gang of Pirates, capable of striking fear into the heart of any landlubber.