Wed 8 Aug 2007 16:55

La Coruna provided a welcome respite after sailing across Biscay, there was ample their to amuse us all. The location of Marina was very close to the Plaza Maira Pita, which hosted most of the entertainment for the festival of Maria Pita, which coincided with our visit. This included a variety artists performing afternoon and evenings including a beech performance from New York Dolls, all absolutely free!! A meander through the town was a great experience, vibrant hustle and bustle, lots of gesticulating as well as streets littered with specialist Octopus restaurants "Casa de Pulpa" (House of Octopus) and a Ham Shops "Rey de Jambon" (The King of Ham)and elsewhere shoe shops galore.

Sailed from La Coruna on Sunday morning at 9:30, arrived in Corme, a small village in the Ria De Corme and Laxe. Had to motor all day in light headwinds so not the most sparkling of days, but the Dolphin quotient was very high, including, so my correspondents assure me, some babies that were "very cute". We arrived at about 5pm and, after four attempts, finally got the anchor to bite firmly enough to get out of the drizzle that arrived in Corme at the same time that we did. In these conditions, the village took on the resemblance of an Irish or Cornish fishing village, with the damp air and sea mist jealously hiding the beauty of the lush green mountains that lay behind it. Exploring Corme, during the day reveals a small village where the tallish buildings are built close together in a way that optimises the amount of shade provided and east of the bay are those beautiful hills, which look completely different basking in the midday sun. Three beeches to explore along with caves, what more could one want? 

Howard has left to go back to Ramsgate, (If you are reading this then thanks for all your help Howard!!), and Tom is promising to come out to see us at the end of the week before going back, with Paul, to mull over his A Level results. Not sure what our plans are for the next couple of days, will probably stay in Corme today and mooch then, at some point this week, sail down to Ria de Camarinas, which is the next Ria down the coast.

Bye for now...