Lazing on a sunny (Sunday) afternoon,

Sun 8 Jul 2007 22:28
At last a few hours on the water in reasonable weather.The forecast says that it wont last, so we will enjoy it whilst it is here!!
Left Boulone at 08:00 in warm sunshine and very little wind, motoring down the coast at 5K whilst plotting the downfall of the fish population of France. We are targeting  those fish that are not Catholic, not fish who have the decency to go to Mass on a Sunday, rather those hanging around with their dodgy mates looking for feathers to chew.
No fish caught by 12:25 BST, but very pleasent sailing down the French Coast in a force 3 about WNW. Currently tracking well on course for Dieppe with all sails set, mainsail, mizzen, genoa and new staysail flying on the inner forestay, turning Jigsaw into a bermudan cutter rigged ketch. Loads of sails and, therefore, string everywhere. No fish though, perhaps not suprising as it is a Catholic country!!
13:00 Still no fish, and the sun has gone in, hidden behind light cloud making it much cooler than this morning.Sailing along at 5-6 knots though, so all rather pleasent. "Tout Va Bien" as we say! Kate has taken  to her usual location on the port side of the cockpit under the sprayhood covered in towels and snoozing under her cap. Molly chugging through Harry Potter, Mary cooking lunch, Howard hunting fish and Paul writing this log.   
Then at about 13:30 we started using the Hydrovane to steer, which was cool after all the effort to install it, and it works!! Shortly after Paul had got the Hydrovane set up Howard caught an unholy mackeral, which was rapidly turned into Sushi, (yum yum). Mary tried to bring the fish back to life, after Howard and Paul had eaten half of it.She was quite dissapointed when the half eaten fish did not respond to her instructions. Caught another couple of fish, one small mackeral was returned to the sea, as Kate and Molly insisted that it was only a baby! Another rather large mackeral has dinner written all over it! Sun has returned as we motor the last 13 miles towards Dieppe. A cracking day so far, it has reminded us why we are doing this, after the frustrations due to the awful weather of the last few weeks we needed this sort of fillip to encourage the troops. More rain forecast for the next few days, but hey ho!!