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Tue 1 May 2007 22:37

Nearly there! The last few weeks have been really busy, we have got most of the work done on the boat, Hydrovane is on, rigging sorted, SSB is working. Boat is back in the water and we have had a couple of trips to see what breaks, (nothing so far!!). It is looking as if we will be leaving in the middle of June, leave from work has been finally agreed and the house has been let.

We still have a significant number  of jobs to do but nothing too intimidating is left on the list.   
Kate and Molly have had a couple of weekends on the boat and are getting used to being back on board. It is feeling real now, we are all getting excited and can start to make firmer plans about where we are going.

Last week we sent of our entry for the ARC that leaves in November from Gran Canaria to St Lucia. My guess is that we are going to be one of the slowest boats in the ARC, the entry list looks full of much bigger boats.