Saturday Morning at sea

Sat 8 Dec 2007 12:51
Noon position 24.00N 24.16W
Had a good nights sail, but had  to fix a couple of things on deck this morning that had come adrift, so some small excitement was had by Ian and I crawling around the deck while 3 metre waves swept past the boat, rolling us around merrily. We were well tied on with harnesses and lifelines and Mary was in the cockpit steering us to safety.  
My sardine in the stars has become a close companion on night watches, I am embellishing it's features as the nighs go by, and will be writing to the RAS to seek aknowledgement of my discovery.
A few more milestones passed, over 500 miles done and less than 1000 to our firat way point in mid ocean. Tracking down the rhumb line towrds St Lucia though, but winds are forecast to go light from about Monday which will slow us down somewhat. 
We would welcome news from the outside world as we cannot access any news sources from out here. Particularly interested in the scores from  the rugby and foot ball games, especially of the Wanstead RFC, the  Blackburn Rovers and West Ham game on Sunday and the news from Englands Cricket tour.