Last weekend in Ramsgate

Sat 23 Jun 2007 13:34
Nearly ready!!!
The last job, until I think of another one, is installing a new Sterling battery charger, as usual me crawling around small gaps trying to thread wires through bulkheads is an interesting challenge. Down here for  the weekend with the possiblity of a visit from Penny and Barry with their familes to wish us farewell. Weather is awful, showers and grey clouds looming over us and the kids getting in my way as I am trying to work. However even this is not enough to seriously dampen the determination to get things ready. Plan is for a departure from Ramsgate on Thursday lunchtime, and head down towards Weymouth, then work our way along the English coast to Falmouth or dive over to Northern France, we will see how the weather pans out in the week before making a firm plan.