Thu 13 Sep 2007 11:56
We have spent a week in the town of Peniche, a busy fishing town about 50 miles North of Lisbon. Having arrived here under tow with a busted gearbox, we were not in the best of humour when we arrived. However, a week later and  we have been pleasantly surprised by what Peniche has to offer. The stay for a number of reasons has been delightful; we have got to know the town reasonably well and the people that we have met, particularly Antonio and his colleagues from the Brigada Fiscal boat and the staff of the decorating firm Cortotal, with whom we had lunch yesterday, have been fantastic fun. Sharing their humour and their take on all things Portogese (including their love of sardines cooked with lots of salt) over a few beers, has been a special feature of our time here. The town has a stange quality to it, we keep finding other bits that we were not aware of, like the Stella Maris Mission exhibition and the old fishermans house. Good shopping facilities make it easy to supply the boat and the restaurants do a good fish dinner! 
For sun worshippers, and surfers, the beaches are fantastic, long sandy and very uncrowded with very good waves for the body boarders in the crew. It is now 11:20 and still foggy so another day in Peniche beckons. This is not a massive problem, girls both working hard on school work and adults doing boaty stuff. This includes talking to the neighbouring boats about just how foggy it is and why it is far more sensible to stay put and have another beer, rather than to venture out to sea in the fog. One boat left at 06:30 and made 4 miles in two hours in thick fog, headwinds with loads of mosquitos following the boat prompting a swift return, leaving the venture to Cascais for another day.