On Passage

Thu 18 Oct 2007 13:14
Well we are now eating  up the miles, wind has picked up to about 20k on the stern so running with gusto, all preventers on and poles tied up nice and tightly. We have been surfing the swell at speeds of up to 9.2k. We have run about 190 miles since 3am yesterday, which is amazing for a heavy old boat like Jigsaw.  Vera still helming without complaint but  needs the odd kick when the swell throws us off the wind.
All feels under control but will put a reef in the main this evening. Current pos 33 42' N 10 23' W, about level with Casablanca. course 209T and speed 6.7k. 
Last night gave another spectacular star show and a fantastic clear moon that was presumably shining on all you lot too! I spent ages just looking at the moon and dreaming of all sorts. Still trying to identify less well known constellations and stars, but limited success. Starmaps are coming out tonight.
 I have been reading up on astro nav and getting the sextant out of it's box. Slow progress so far, but will try a noonsite tomorrow.  
Hope all is well.