Down to Fecamp

Tue 10 Jul 2007 22:10
Not a bad day at all, despite leaving Dieppe in pouring rain the day was actually pretty good. A reasonable sail down to Fecamp where we arrived at about 14:00. No dolphins, no fish, and no sea monsters, so fairly mundane really. Kate and Molly went roller blading all around Fecamp, they are getting really good at roller blading and after a good roll around Dieppe they put on a fine show aqgain here in Fecamp. 
Molly and Kate were captured by sea aliens and have been abducted to work in Sponge Bob Square Pants new Krusty Krab franchise here in Fecamp. Kate looks so much like Gary that it is hard to tell the difference, Molly has developed a resemblance to Plankton, the evil genius who runs Chumpbucket selling fowl food to passing squid.
Fine meal out in a decent restaurant with a couple of bottles of wine and all in bed by 22:00, the sailing life!!
Watched the sun set over the channel as the sky turned pink, grey and gold, as the sun sank into the sea I wondered how many more sun sets I will see on this trip, the sun setting at sea is wonderful, especially when you are sailing into it.
"La Vie Nautique" seems to suit the crew, missing all the gang back in London though.
Plan is to head towards Ouistraham in the morning and try to get past Cherbourg at the weekend, the weather is still "mixed" and the wind is still blowing entirely from a westerly direction, which as it is the way we wish to go is not at all helpful. Glimmer of hope as the forecast seems to suggest that there may be some Southerly winds at the weekend. We will see, I will believe it when I see it blowing across our deck, and not a moment before.