Staying in Ramsgate

Fri 29 Jun 2007 23:14
Weather still very ropey and so decided to wait it out here in Ramsgate. Wont be going anywhere before Monday at the earliest and looks more like Weds at least from current forecasts. ANYBODY find any decent weather for the trip down channel please let us know!!
Still looking on the bright side it has given us a chance to settle after a long round of goodbyes, do a few more jobs and put the boat into some semblance of order by locating a space for everything we brought on board (this was not an easy task).
Kate, Molly and I (Mary) spent a very pleasant afternoon bird watching, or to be more precise parrot watching. We found them in a bit of Woodland on route to Boardstairs in a beautiful location overlooking the sea. Have to be careful as this twitching, could become a new hobby particularly as it does not rely so much on the weather!
To pass the time we could also think about writing a book entitled '101 things to do in Ramsgate in the rain whilst waiting for your weather window'. This would be a boat wife's delight which would include things like, hanging curtains (done that today), turning out cupboards and reordering them (great fun), the art of cushion puffing, drawing up an inventory and stock control system of boat consumables without an excel spreadsheet in sight. Tomorrow we need to attempt to get some laundry done, think we will have to consider using a dryer for reasons which need no explanation, another romantic notion distroyed so much for reducing our carbon footprint.
Anyway from a wet but relaxed jigsaw we bid you goodnight.