Hot Sunny Sunday

Sun 9 Dec 2007 13:47
Noon position 23.34N 26,30W sailing 255 at around 5 knots. Only about 2000 miles to go.
If we do not get to St Lucia for Xmas I will say Mass on board the boat! It will go some way towards overcoming my dissapointment at not being appointed Pope when John Paul 2 died.
Warm and very sunny here today, like being anchored off of Cliftonville in the summer!! Clouds of last few days have dissapated as we head  towards the Tropic of Cancer, at 23 North.
Life on board is okay, although very, very rolly, trying to make a cup of tea takes half an hour as rhe boat rolls through about 30 degrees, and pitches up and down at the same time. Last night was very gentle though with the swell down to about 2 metres and the wind easing off to 15 knots. I did a longish watch as, selfishly, I was enjoying drifting along under the stars looking at my Sardine!
Managed to get some radio broadcast so listening to ABC Australia and BBC World Service and, at times, a very poor reception of Radio 5. Wanted to listen to the cricket from Sri Lanka but cannot find it on Short Wave.