Seasons Variations

Tue 11 Dec 2007 13:07
Noon position on Tuesday 11th December 22.58N 30.02W first weeks run 881 miles, still got another 1800 to go.
We may be in the middle of the atlantic ocean and suffering from too much, or not enough wind, however there are some advantages that I can think of:
1. We are on are way for 5 months in the Caribbean;
2. We have countless opportunities for wonderful moments of contemplation (from navel to putting the world to right);
3. We are being treated to the most wonderful sun sets and sun rises;
4. We get a chance to study the constellations in all there glory (although i can't for the life me make out the full Ursa Major all can I see is the plough), we even get to make a few up of our own; and
5. Best of all, we miss all that Christmas shopping (although I wouldn't mind a good party right now).
That may sound like a bit of positive thinking and you would probably be right, but in the grand scheme of things I guess what we can say is that life is pretty good.
Wanted good easy games suitable for 10 year olds and over 40's in a rolly cockpit? Any ideas would be most welcome.
I like the fishing, have caught a couple of decent Dorado now, very very good eating, but not as good as my sardines, and nowhere near as wonderful as my squid in garlic! Already looking forward to those when I get back to Europe.
Under engine all last night which was a drag, especially as I could not find my kitchen timer that allows me to sleep for 15 minutes at a time whilst on watch, as long as there is no shippping around.
Whilst doing my nightly considearion of the universe I was reminded of the Brecht Play "Gallileo"  where he is hounded by the Catholic hierarchy because of his and Copernicus's advocacy of the helliocentric nature of the solar sytem. Watching the planets Mars and Venus move around the night sky I was profoundly impressed by how detailed the observations and resulting calculations would have to have been to demonstrate this notion in the face of the ancient orthodoxy. Wonderful play too!!