St Annes

Fri 18 Jan 2008 21:29
14 26.339N 60 53.142W St Annes in Martinique.
Now at anchor in St Annes, Martinique, little town that is like something on the Breton coast in France, apart from being in the Caribbean.
St Annes anchorage is very pleasent, amazing to come in to the bay over such clear shallow water, and then drop in about 12 feet of water where you can see the nature of the bottom clearly, able to look for a sandy patch to locate the anchor. I took the kids, in the dinghy, over to snorkel on the nearby reef, very cool, Molly's collection of conch shells grows daily, she now has an on board museum in one of the lockers ( where she also hides her chocolate collection).
Moon is now back with us, so I am able to bay it at leisure, and gaze fondly at it's smiley face!
Hope all is well with you!