Morlaix, Brittany.

Tue 17 Jul 2007 15:01
Jigsaw did not make it to L'Aber Wrach last night. Weather turned mighty queer on us and the forecast S-SE 3-4 turned into a SW 6 that made for a very bumpy ride indeed, had to divert to Morlaix and pilot our way in through a shed load of very dodgy looking rocks to get to the anchorage where we currently lay, awaiting enough water to get up the river to the town and it's marina. Lovely spot though and despite not planning to come here it is very pleasent indeed. Got the rods out to try and catch our dinner, if we fail then I suspect that we deserve a night out after last nights exertions. Kate and Molly were not at all phased by the boat jumping and banging about all night, Molly was however worried that my wine and beer supply may have been damaged in the hooley, not checked yet but no sign of broken glass or winey smells so I suspect that we escaped in that department.   
Still no power or phones so like bears in the wilderness, apart from our satallite phone of course, I am sure that Yogi Bear had one!!