Azores to UK N048:41:8 W017:48:6

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 25 Jul 2016 06:56

Day 5


Another pleasant enough sailing day in the grand scheme of things. Relatively calm seas and light winds – more of the same really. The problem is the light swell and the light wind conspire to produce a disproportionate flap, rattle and shake (good song title), which drives you mad when trying to sleep. I’m convinced these light and easy conditions are much harder on the boat than heavy weather!  Anyway made reasonable progress two sail reaching at around 6-7kts in pretty much the right direction (NE). Now at 48N and starting to slant more east towards the Bishop rock. Wind now coming more westerly again and back to goose winged on port gybe, but speed down to 5k. Looks similar for the next couple of days, maybe need a couple of gybes as wind shifts around a bit.


We’re now over half way – yippee – it’s a good feeling to be heading for home!  We put our clocks forward an hour too which meant we’re now on BST so we lost an hour – less time to read!


 No whales all day but the odd bird – a fulmar who kept continuously circling around us and landing on the sea beside us – wonder what they think to us (if they do think!) 


Position 25 July 06.30 GMT: 048:41:8N 017:48:6W

24 hour distance:  164 miles