Arrival Ascension Island S07:55:184 W014:24:7355

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 10 Feb 2016 11:18

Well we really are in the middle of the south Atlantic! Right on the mid Atlantic ridge – a big chunk of volcanic rock and sand with (surprisingly) white sand beaches, bristling with radio masts and communication equipment.  On approach the profile was such that we reckoned we had discovered the location of the secret “Thunderbirds” island! The last day of our passage was fairly calm with the winds dying down as the evening wore on but we managed to keep a speed of around 5+ knots for the last 12 hours.  Going to have our full English before we go ashore to check in with the authorities.



Date and time:  10th Feb. 2016 10.15 GMT

Position:  S07:55:184 W014:24:7355


Total distance: 711nm

Total time: 99.25 hours

Avg speed: 7.16kts



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