Leaving NZ S35:18:921 E174:07:334

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sun 19 Oct 2014 19:32

Well we’ve just done the last 720 miles of our circumnavigation of New Zealand!  We’re now off to Oz (not doing a circumnavigation).  Funny how things stack up – we were intending on hauling out and antifouling at Whangarei but when we arrived, there had been some mix up and they couldn’t haul us so we had a re-look at the weather and thought hmmmmm looks like it might turn out to be good for Oz.  So we’re off – 10 am local time (19 Oct - 21 GMT).  We’ve got a new AIS (automatic identification system) so that any big ships can (hopefully) see us!  We’re also in touch with ‘Metbob’ who will give us warning of any nasties coming our way.  We know there’s going to be ‘a bit of wind’ over the first couple of days but after that it’s looking good – so far!  We’re anticipating around 8 – 10 days aiming for Sydney which is around 1200 nautical miles.  I’ll be updating our blog on mailasail every day so you can track us on http://blog.mailasail.com/sy-supertedv 


Weather this morning in Opua: Sunshine, 0% cloud, light wind.

All the best

Matt & Jean