Passage from Ascension to Grenada S07:13:9 W023:04:3

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Fri 19 Feb 2016 09:17

Day 3


Increasing winds during the day caused a bit of boisterousness later on but after much discussion (Jean “Shall we put a reef in?”  Matt “No I don’t think so, let’s just hold out for the time being”) we decided against a reef and continued on a 2 sail reach throughout the night.  The winds have abated back down to around 18kts.  Not been much sun around so the batteries are quite low in the morning – having to run the generator every morning for around 2.5 hours.


After not seeing any other ships since we set off, we had a very close encounter this morning with a large (1000ft) tanker heading for Singapore but directly in our path (seen and predicted by the AIS).  After a call on the VHF he very kindly altered course and passed half a mile behind our stern. 


A couple more birds on the solar panels preening themselves this morning and leaving us presents…..


Date and time: 19th Feb 2016; 0800 GMT

24 hours distance:   194nm

Position: S07:13:9 W023:04:3