Day 4 Arrival New Caledonia S22:21:16 E166:57:378

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 29 Aug 2013 22:21

A very pleasant days sail – bit slow in the morning but wind got up in the afternoon so made more speed.  Wind direction moved exactly as it was supposed to do so we were able to bear away to remain on a beam reach most of the way.  Late afternoon the sea got a bit boisterous and wind up so we were making rapid progress towards the pass.  Having checked the tides, we calculated we would be there just around midnight which would be an hour before high water – still on the flood which was OK.  The wind was coming from the SE so shouldn’t be a problem with the pass which runs ENE to WSW and is well lit with leading lights so we decided to go for it and anchor for the night at a bay just inside.  Good decision Matt.  We got to the pass just after 11.30pm and had about half a knot of tide with us – sails down at half past midnight and into the anchorage.  Had a good nights sleep although it was a little cold!  Looking at the bay this morning you can understand why Captain Cook named the country New Caledonia – first impressions it is like a cross between Scotland and New Zealand!  Lots of tall pine trees surrounding the bay.  It’s about 35 miles now to check in at the capital Noumea so we’re off again.


15 hours distance:  113 miles.


Total miles to Havannah pass:  668.5;  Time taken: 3 days 15 hours.  Average speed:  7.69