Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S14:56:023 E109:01:746

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 2 Sep 2015 00:41

Day 4


As predicted by the gribs, the wind gradually went more behind us during the day taking us onto that horrible no man’s position between a broach reach and a run. As the apparent wind dropped, the little motion in the seas became more agitee and we started to roll and bang a bit – not that comfortable.  We prepared the pole so that when the wind went further aft we’d be ready – we did use to be in the scouts!  However when the wind did go further aft and we poled out the genoa the combination of low apparent wind, rolling on the waves and wandering around of the autohelm meant that the sails were still flapping around.  It was neither nowt nor summat!  So we took the genoa back again but frustratingly every time a large wave rolled in (quite frequently) the sails would flap around and the whole boat shook with the force.  It wasn’t until around 9.30pm that we managed to get the genoa poled out and reasonably steady.  During the night the wind dropped so our speed has been down to around 5 knots.  This morning we have a 1 knot adverse current and still not much wind so our speed is down to around 4 knots at times. Looks like this will add a day to the leg to Cocos!


Spotted the odd booby (well maybe they weren’t odd I don’t know) but no cetaceans.  We’re currently going through what must be a ‘flying fish academy’ as hundreds of the titchy critters keep shooting out of the water.  Shipping trade with China has stopped!  Daily check revealed 2 flying fish.


More books read!


24 hours miles: 162 miles


Position at 08.30 –1 September (GMT+8):  S14:56:023 E109:01:746