Arrival - 00:57:92S 090:57:73W

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sat 18 Feb 2012 13:29
177 years after the arrival of the Beagle, at mid morning on day 9 we
dropped anchor in a lovely small natural harbour in Puerto Villamil on the
Island of Isabella, the western Galapagos. A total distance of 1086 miles
in a slow 8 days 3hrs 45mins with an average speed of 5.5 knots! We ran
the engine for 71.2 hours! Hopefully that is the ITCZ and doldrums behind
us! We can top up with fuel here, but not so for the next leg of around
3000 miles. With the exception of the second last day, the trip was very
comfortable and really enjoyable, in fact great if somewhat slow sailing.
So if this is pacific sailing, bring it on. So far we have had seals, a
little penguin, a huge turtle, a small shark and several stripy box fish
swim by the boat. We went ashore yesterday afternoon to check in with the
authorities and came across seals and iguanas in abundance! What a
wonderful place. There are 4 other boats in the anchorage – a German, a
French and 2 other British. On our return to the boat as the sun was
setting (it’s GMT -6 here), we were invited aboard one of the boats to
meet everybody else and arrange some group visits next week – what a
welcome. Woke up this morning 57 miles south of the equator after a great
nights sleep to brilliant sunshine, such a change from the usual cloud we
had been experiencing – the evening temperature is cool and very
comfortable for sleeping – even need a sheet! The water is a bit cooler so
looks like wetsuits will be required for any long periods in the water but
the water cooled freezer loves it. Great stuff!