Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N23:56:18 W063:46:3

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 3 May 2016 13:04

St Martin to Bermuda – Day 2


Pleasant sail all day and night. Clear sky and relatively calm seas with wind 10-14k from the east allowed us to maintain 7+ knots (our passage plan for this trip) almost continuously. Nights are very dark as no moon, but at least the stars were bright last night, and we are heading directly towards the pole star.

David doing a grand job keeping us well fed – another chicken curry last night.

Managed to talk to a couple of other boats on SSB last night and this am, though having great difficulty getting it tuned. Another minor inconvenience (literally) is that the day heads has stopped sucking water in. Can’t find the problem so will need to wait (to fix that is!)

Expecting similar conditions today but getting lighter later on and tomorrow before an increase on Thursday am.

Otherwise all good.


Date and time: 3rd May 2016; 13.00 GMT

Distance:   178 M

Position: N23:56:18 W063:46:3