Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N37:04:2 W034:03:2

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 23 May 2016 11:37

Bermuda to Azores  – Day 9


Yesterday was windy and bumpy, a day best forgotten! Wind was 30-35k gusting 40k from the west, and seas were very large. Added to that we had 1-1.5k of current against us also kicking up the seas and slowing us down. As predicted the wind started too ease off around 10pm and its been 20-25k all night and swung to WNW. Although still lumpy it was not bad and we managed to sleep. Took several large ones over the boat and flooded the cockpit at one point – fortunately I was off watch!

I got chucked around the cabin after dinner last night ending up ontop of the chart table and have hurt my shoulder, nothing drastic, though the coffee cup did not survive.

Still managed a cooked meal and so not going hungry. We listened to a medical evacuation from a nearby yacht on VHF earlier in the day, then a helicopter evacuation presumably of the casualty from the rescue ship around midnight, I suppose when in flying range of the Azores? Don’t know any details.

Did net control last night on SSB and had seven boats call in, scattered far and wide. No one this morning!

We’re still looking good for late Tuesday arrival at Horta around 270M away. Need a bit more sail as soon to keep the speed up, but all looks fine if somewhat rolly.


Date and time: 23rd May 2016; 09.15 GMT

Position: N37:04:2 W034:03:2

24 hr distance: 187M