Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S13:59:362 E090:23:126

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 17 Sep 2015 04:04

Day 2


Still making good progress, though not quite as quick as yesterday. New gribs forecasting slightly less wind and more from behind.  Changed from the stay sail to a reefed genoa early morning and let one reef out of the main.  Wind and waves slightly more from behind. We didn’t get any rain but did have blue sky which does make such a difference!  Seas sometimes got themselves together in alignment – still around 3 – 4m - but actually not too uncomfortable at times.  Before dark, we set out the pole in case the wind went further aft in the night.  At around 11pm, the wind did go further aft so we poled out the genoa but that only lasted about 30 mins then there was a wind shift so back over on to a 2 sail reach.  Most of the night was that transition between not quite right for a 2 sail reach and not quite right for goose winging so we ended up 2 sail reaching a few degrees south of our rhumb line with quartering seas which wasn’t the most comfortable of rides. Normally we don’t bother trying to sail great circles, as wind and current generally dictate something different. However on this trip we’ve set up waypoints on the great circle route. Interestingly it’s not much shorter (12nm in 2000nm) than the straight line, because we are relatively close to the equator. The big great circle savings are in the higher latitudes, or skirting the poles as close as possible. Just after daybreak we were able to goose wing and now sailing a bit more down the waves.  Still have the big rollers coming up from the southern ocean and wind waves on top of that but we have a bit of blue sky again.  Managed a pre-cooked meal last night so topped up on calories!  Looking at the longitude you’ll see we’re about ¾ way round the world – would be nice not to have to go round that big bit of land called Africa!  We’re seeing bits of rubbish floating in the sea now – something we’ve not really noticed elsewhere out in the open ocean.  Quite a few nautilus shells too – shame we can’t pick them up!


Date and time: 17th September 10.15 local (GMT + 6.5 hrs)


Position:  S13:59:362 E090:23:126


24 hours distance: 190nm