New Zealand to Fiji S18:27:611 E178:50:067

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 1 May 2013 22:36

Day 7


What a difference a day makes!  We had a balmy 20 – 25 knots all day with the seas continuing to calm down too.  The sun was out and we had a relaxing day sailing downwind.  Very pleasant.  We even managed to eat 3 meals – with lots of snacks in between – as Matt said – it’s either feast or famine on this boat!  We settled down to our normal watches through the starlit night with a cooling breeze and gentle sea.  So different from the previous 3 nights.


This morning we are 2 sail reaching with only 140 miles to go to our destination of SavuSavu so we need to average no more than 6.5 knots to arrive in the morning as the Fijians are very strict on boats not anchoring or stopping anywhere other than the ports of entry.  We are showered and in shorts and tee shirts enjoying the warmth of the tropical sun – this is more like it!


24 hour distance: 165 miles