Leaving Tonga S20:16:59 W174:48:24

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Fri 2 Nov 2012 17:46

We had our last tropical snorkel yesterday for a good while – and very nice it was too with lots of pristine coral.  Our October website is ready to be uploaded but we haven’t had any internet access so it won’t be done until we reach New Zealand so you’ll have to wait to hear about our fantastic experience of swimming with humpback whales!  The thermals have been aired, our heavy weather gear is out and the duvet is ready and waiting!  There are 10 prepared meals in the freezer, the fruit and veg is almost finished so it’s time to go………


This is it – our last leg of the pacific -   we are leaving the middle group of Tongan islands (Hapaii group) and heading for New Zealand today (Sat 3rd).  We’ve been watching the weather and although it’s very light winds at the moment there is more wind forecast (and in a good direction) and the low that has been threatening to deepen seems not to be so threatening now and hopefully we can get to the west of it.  We’ve 1200 miles to go but can dodge into Minerva Reef if we need to.  We anticipate with these winds to arrive in Opua, New Zealand around the 12th November.


As usual we’ll be putting a daily update on our mailasail blog so you can follow our progress.





All the best

Jean & Matt