09:47:503S 122:46:148W Day 12

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sat 10 Mar 2012 16:21

Congratulations to Sue & David on your first wedding anniversary.  It doesn’t seem like a year since we saw you in the San Blas (and it won’t be that long until we see you in New Zealand!)  Have a great weekend.


And was it just yesterday I said that those big waves which had been forecast never really materialised?  Knew I should have kept shtuum – last night the seas grew and we had quite a rolly night – it’s still like that – we seem to get a series of big waves followed by a series of not so big waves.  However the boat has handled them very well so far and as we’re going directly down wind it’s not too uncomfortable.  Unfortunately there are bigger waves forecast again for the next couple of days.  Matt reckons it’s now psychological – we have got to not think about the rolliness and just get on with it!  Which is fine when you don’t have to cook – I can see a few of those tins coming out of the cupboard tonight for dinner!


So after a pretty speedy day and night we are still sailing goose-winged on a course of around 260 degrees in 20 knots true wind.  We did try coming up a bit for a while yesterday on a 2 sail reach but it wasn’t that comfortable so we put the genoa back out on the pole.


We’ve gone through another 15 degrees of longitude so have put our clocks back another hour.  We’re now GMT -8 hours.  Makes it more difficult to chat on SSB with the other boats on passage behind us at different time zones.  Gets quite confusing when I’m working out my daily mileage total but there again I’m very easily confused.


Shower day today!  That should be fun.  We have a ‘trap-door’ on the aft deck which we open – the steps are in there so we can sit in the well and have a shower quite comfortably and safely.  That’s OK now when it’s warm but I can’t imagine sitting there in the buff on the way down to New Zealand!


 24 hour distance:   198 miles   Position:      S09.47.503 W122.46.148