Azores to UK N047:09:796 W021:08:449

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sun 24 Jul 2016 07:50

Day 4


A very steady eddy day with the wind continuing from the south-west for the best part of the day pushing us along at 6-7kts.  Wind started to veer to the west early evening and at 21.20 just as the gribs predicted, the wind shifted to the north-west and we changed from a poled out genoa to a two sail reach.  The wind has gradually started to drop this morning but we’re still managing to keep going on a 2 sail reach albeit at a slightly slow pace. Dull day weather-wise with low thick cloud and some fog but we had a clear night with stars and a waning moon after the front went through.  This morning there’s a thin veil of cloud.


Spotted one very long pilot whale and had to call up one ship to ensure he had seen us in the fog.  We’re almost half way now – seems very strange (but nice) having the UK and Europe on our charts!


Position 24 July 06.30 GMT: 047:09:796N 021:08:449W

24 hour distance:  168 miles