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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2016
Thu 28 Jul 17:13 Arrival UK N50:21:9758 W004:09:3388 50:21.98N 4:09.34W
Thu 28 Jul 07:39 Azores to UK N049:54:28 W005:22:064 49:54.28N 5:22.06W
Wed 27 Jul 07:56 Azores to UK N049:35:314 W009:06:655 49:35.31N 9:06.66W
Tue 26 Jul 08:06 Azores to UK N049:05:95 W013:42:45 49:05.95N 13:42.45W
Mon 25 Jul 06:56 Azores to UK N048:41:8 W017:48:6 48:41.80N 17:48.60W
Sun 24 Jul 07:50 Azores to UK N047:09:796 W021:08:449 47:09.80N 21:08.45W
Sat 23 Jul 07:16 Azores to UK N045:40:86 W024:31:666 45:40.86N 24:31.67W
Fri 22 Jul 09:48 Azores to Uk N043:31:291 W026:55:741 43:31.29N 26:55.74W
Thu 21 Jul 08:55 Azores to UK - N041:13:6112 W027:15:4311 41:13.61N 27:15.43W
Sat 16 Jul 08:05 Terceira N38:39:146 W027:13:00 38:39.15N 27:13.00W
Sat 09 Jul 11:43 Sao Jorge N38:40:80 W28:12:17 38:40.80N 28:12.17W
May 2016
Wed 25 May 11:13 Horta Azores - Position: N38:31:92 W028:37:37 38:31.92N 28:37.37W
Tue 24 May 10:04 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N38:01:5 W030:25:0 38:01.50N 30:25.00W
Mon 23 May 11:37 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N37:04:2 W034:03:2 37:04.20N 34:03.20W
Sun 22 May 11:39 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N35:39:7 W037:28:5 35:39.70N 37:28.50W
Sat 21 May 12:14 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N34:50:07 W041:43:72 34:50.07N 41:43.72W
Fri 20 May 12:43 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N35:11:9 W045:29:7 35:11.90N 45:29.70W
Thu 19 May 12:15 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N35:48:8 W049:21:8 35:48.80N 49:21.80W
Wed 18 May 10:50 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N36:12:0 W052:40:0 36:12.00N 52:40.00W
Tue 17 May 13:17 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N36:05:7 W055:23:8 36:05.70N 55:23.80W
Mon 16 May 14:35 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N35:16:9 W059:01:2 35:16.90N 59:01.20W
Sun 15 May 13:05 Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N34:38:27 W062:37:02 34:38.27N 62:37.02W
Thu 12 May 19:11 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N32:22:787 W064:40:403 32:22.79N 64:40.40W
Fri 06 May 13:04 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N32:07:5 W064:30:6 32:07.50N 64:30.60W
Thu 05 May 13:06 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N29:01:8 W064:18:1 29:01.80N 64:18.10W
Wed 04 May 12:59 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N26:10:2 W064:04:9 26:10.20N 64:04.90W
Tue 03 May 13:04 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N23:56:18 W063:46:3 23:56.18N 63:46.30W
Mon 02 May 13:22 Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N21:00:00 W063:22:91 21:00.00N 63:22.91W
Apr 2016
Fri 29 Apr 18:25 Passage from St Barts to St Martin Position: N18:04:12 W063:05:46 18:04.12N 63:05.46W
Thu 28 Apr 14:10 Passage from Antigua - St Barts Position: N17:54:40 W062:51:63 17:54.40N 62:51.63W
Fri 22 Apr 14:51 Passage from Deshais - Guadeloupe to Antigua Position: N17:00:225 W061:45:654 17:00.23N 61:45.65W
Wed 20 Apr 21:42 Passage from Les Saintes to Deshais - Guadeloupe Position: N16:18:454 W061:47:980 16:18.45N 61:47.98W
Mon 18 Apr 19:56 Passage from Dominica to Le Saintes Position: N15:52:211 W061:35:088 15:52.21N 61:35.09W
Sun 17 Apr 23:07 Passage from Martinique to Dominica Position: N15:34:795 W061:27:765 15:34.80N 61:27.77W
Sat 16 Apr 00:43 Passage from St Lucia to Martinique Position: N14:44:511 W061:10:690 14:44.51N 61:10.69W
Wed 13 Apr 22:07 Passage from Bequia to St Lucia Position: N14:04:549 W060:57:588 14:04.55N 60:57.59W
Tue 12 Apr 21:09 Passage from Carriacou to Bequia Position: N13:00:14 W061:14:625 13:00.14N 61:14.62W
Sun 10 Apr 21:03 Passage from Grenada to Carriacou Position: N12:27:37 W061:29:30 12:27.37N 61:29.30W
Mar 2016
Fri 04 Mar 17:54 Closing the circle 11:59.82N 61:45.82W
Fri 04 Mar 10:23 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N11:43:018 W0618:09:318
Thu 03 Mar 11:25 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N10:22:511 W058:56:411 10:22.51N 58:56.41W
Wed 02 Mar 11:51 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position; N08:57:697 W056:37:370 8:57.70N 56:37.37W
Tue 01 Mar 11:35 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N07:36:569 W053:30:733 7:36.57N 53:30.73W
Feb 2016
Mon 29 Feb 11:27 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N05:41:571 W050:27:929 5:41.57N 50:27.93W
Sun 28 Feb 10:06 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N03:38:952 W047:49:088 3:38.95N 47:49.09W
Sat 27 Feb 12:21 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N01:57:815 W045:40 1:57.81N 45:40.00W
Fri 26 Feb 09:59 Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: S00:00:000 W042:50:97 0:00.00N 42:50.97W
Thu 25 Feb 10:33 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S01:46:096 W039:56:531 1:46.10S 39:56.53W
Wed 24 Feb 10:28 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S03:21:77 W037:11:99 3:21.77S 37:11.99W
Tue 23 Feb 09:49 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S04:34:94 W034:28:26 4:34.94S 34:28.26W
Mon 22 Feb 10:22 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S05:32:97 W031:56:08 5:32.97S 31:56.08W
Sun 21 Feb 09:07 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S06:22 W029:04 6:22.00S 29:04.00W
Sat 20 Feb 09:14 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S06:50:1 W026:09:4 6:50.10S 26:09.40W
Fri 19 Feb 09:17 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S07:13:9 W023:04:3 7:13.90S 23:04.30W
Thu 18 Feb 08:59 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S07:21:2 W019:48:6 7:21.20S 19:48.60W
Wed 17 Feb 09:29 Passage from Ascension to Grenada S07:39:943 W016:55:506 7:39.94S 16:55.51W
Wed 10 Feb 11:18 Arrival Ascension Island S07:55:184 W014:24:7355 7:55.18S 14:24.74W
Tue 09 Feb 08:53 Passage from St Helena to Ascension S09:57:039 W012:27:673 9:57.04S 12:27.67W
Mon 08 Feb 09:08 Passge from St Helena to Ascension S11:48:79 W010:19:233 11:48.79S 10:19.23W
Sun 07 Feb 08:29 Passge from St Helena to Ascension S13:54:9 W07:53:2 13:54.90S 7:53.20W
Jan 2016
Thu 28 Jan 15:25 Arrival St Helena S15:55:4673 W005:43:4704 15:55.47S 5:43.47W
Wed 27 Jan 10:11 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S17:52:092 W003:48:755 17:52.09S 3:48.76W
Tue 26 Jan 10:07 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S19:34:031 W001:25:791 19:34.03S 1:25.79W
Mon 25 Jan 10:09 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S21:30:714 E000:49:823 21:30.71S 0:49.82E
Sun 24 Jan 10:09 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S23:23:145 E003:16:226 23:23.14S 3:16.23E
Sat 23 Jan 10:05 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S25:19:351 E006:00:302 25:19.35S 6:00.30E
Fri 22 Jan 10:09 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S27:39:48 E008:48:866 27:39.48S 8:48.87E
Thu 21 Jan 10:02 Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S29:46:485 E011:52:331 29:46.48S 11:52.33E
Wed 20 Jan 10:08 Simonstown S34:11:480 E018:25:961 34:11.48S 18:25.96E
Wed 20 Jan 10:08 Cape of Good Hope S34:21:7451 E018:30:906 34:21.75S 18:30.91E
Wed 20 Jan 10:08 Cape Town S33.54.581 E018.25.137 33:54.58S 18:25.14E
Wed 20 Jan 10:08 Cape Town to St Helena S31:44:029 E015:06:996 31:44.03S 15:07.00E
Dec 2015
Sat 05 Dec 15:53 Simonstown S34:11:481 E018:25:957 34:11.48S 18:25.96E
Sat 05 Dec 03:00 Cape Agulhas S34:52:617 E020:00:914 34:52.62S 20:00.91E
Nov 2015
Mon 30 Nov 19:43 Mossel Bay S34:10:630 E022:08:54 34:10.63S 22:08.54E
Wed 25 Nov 01:20 East London S33:01:4147 E027:45:9423 33:01.41S 27:45.94E
Oct 2015
Thu 29 Oct 08:57 Arrival Durban
Thu 29 Oct 05:59 Passage from Reunion to South Africa - Almost there - S29:48:335 E031:12:676 29:48.34S 31:12.68E
Wed 28 Oct 05:37 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S28:52:352 E034:27:049 28:52.35S 34:27.05E
Tue 27 Oct 05:34 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S28:04:030 E037:39:007 28:04.03S 37:39.01E
Mon 26 Oct 05:35 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S27:32:228 E040:59:292 27:32.23S 40:59.29E
Sun 25 Oct 05:37 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S27:10:618 E044:37:900 27:10.62S 44:37.90E
Sat 24 Oct 05:34 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S25:45:831 E047:48:576 25:45.83S 47:48.58E
Fri 23 Oct 05:34 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S23:40:674 E049:46:703 23:40.67S 49:46.70E
Thu 22 Oct 05:39 Passage from Reunion to South Africa S22:26:175 E052:14:168 22:26.18S 52:14.17E
Mon 12 Oct 05:57 Arrival Reunion S20:56:444 E055:16:984 20:56.44S 55:16.98E
Sun 11 Oct 06:41 Passage from Rodrigues to Reunion S20:43:592 E057:38:296 20:43.59S 57:38.30E
Sat 10 Oct 06:36 Passage from Rodrigues to Reunion S20:15:054 E060:37:325 20:15.05S 60:37.33E
Sep 2015
Fri 25 Sep 12:08 Rodrigues 19:40.73S 63:25.23E
Fri 25 Sep 03:52 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S19:29:321 E064:14:014 19:29.32S 64:14.01E
Thu 24 Sep 04:25 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S18:53:891 E067:36:021 18:53.89S 67:36.02E
Wed 23 Sep 03:53 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S18:26:334 E071:01:991 18:26.33S 71:01.99E
Tue 22 Sep 03:53 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S17:43:043 E074:29:225 17:43.04S 74:29.23E
Mon 21 Sep 03:53 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S16:52:328 E077:26:775 16:52.33S 77:26.77E
Sun 20 Sep 03:57 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S16:27:203 E080:25:376 16:27.20S 80:25.38E
Sat 19 Sep 04:07 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S15:28:967 E083:47:146 15:28.97S 83:47.15E
Fri 18 Sep 03:59 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S14:48:018 E087:14:33 14:48.02S 87:14.33E
Thu 17 Sep 04:04 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S13:59:362 E090:23:126 13:59.36S 90:23.13E
Wed 16 Sep 03:51 Passage from Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues S13:04:908 E093:29:548 13:04.91S 93:29.55E
Sun 06 Sep 10:33 Arrival Cocos Keeling S12:05:513 E096:52:802 12:05.51S 96:52.80E
Sun 06 Sep 01:01 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S12:00:60 E098:10:41 12:00.60S 98:10.41E
Sat 05 Sep 00:54 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S13:05:934 E101:06:055 13:05.93S 101:06.05E
Fri 04 Sep 01:23 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S13:54:49 E103:48:84 13:54.49S 103:48.84E
Thu 03 Sep 00:35 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S14:49:74 E106:37:878 14:49.74S 106:37.88E
Wed 02 Sep 00:41 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S14:56:023 E109:01:746 14:56.02S 109:01.75E
Tue 01 Sep 00:30 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S15:26:885 E111:35:213 15:26.89S 111:35.21E
Aug 2015
Mon 31 Aug 00:35 Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S15:58:439 E114:26:423 15:58.44S 114:26.42E
Sun 30 Aug 00:46 Moving on S16:32:161 E117:32:155 16:32.16S 117:32.16E
Thu 27 Aug 01:29 Mermaid reef, Rowley shoals S17:04:521 E119:38:770 17:04.52S 119:38.77E
Sat 22 Aug 01:05 Broome S17:59:352 E122:13:796 17:59.35S 122:13.80E
Thu 20 Aug 22:31 Cape Leveque S16:23:5018 E122:58:2298 16:23.50S 122:58.23E
Tue 18 Aug 22:42 Coppermine Creek S16:09:7065 E123:34:646 16:09.71S 123:34.65E
Tue 18 Aug 00:18 Dugong Bay S16:22:511 E123:51:247 16:22.51S 123:51.25E
Sun 16 Aug 22:13 Horizontal waterfalls S16:22:3840 E123:58:550 16:22.38S 123:58.55E
Sat 15 Aug 23:18 Woninjaba Islands S16:16:288 E124:09:789 16:16.29S 124:09.79E
Sat 15 Aug 00:01 Red Cone Inlet S16:06:190 E124:37:02 16:06.19S 124:37.02E
Thu 13 Aug 23:22 Raft Point S16:04:4637 E124:27:1385 16:04.46S 124:27.14E
Wed 12 Aug 22:07 kid island, Deception Bay S15:39:8758 E124:23:144 15:39.88S 124:23.14E
Tue 11 Aug 22:34 Sampson Inlet S15:30:167 E124:29:697 15:30.17S 124:29.70E
Mon 10 Aug 22:37 Hanover Bay Inlet S15:18:8694 E124:46:054 15:18.87S 124:46.05E
Mon 10 Aug 22:37 Tenggara Bay S15:17:992 E124:40:322 15:17.99S 124:40.32E
Fri 07 Aug 22:57 Porosus Creek, Hunter River S15:00:6083 E125:24:7015 15:00.61S 125:24.70E
Thu 06 Aug 23:02 Prudoe Island S14:25:3566 E125:15:091 14:25.36S 125:15.09E
Wed 05 Aug 22:08 Krait Bay, Cape Voltaire S14:14:771 E125:35:941 14:14.77S 125:35.94E
Mon 03 Aug 22:40 Freshwater Bay S14:00:697 E126:10:898 14:00.70S 126:10.90E
Sun 02 Aug 22:41 Anjo Bay S13:57:06 E126:34:145 13:57.06S 126:34.15E
Sat 01 Aug 22:34 Jim's Bay S13:46:261 E126:59:593 13:46.26S 126:59.59E
Jul 2015
Thu 30 Jul 01:49 King George River Bay, Western Australia S13:56:123 E127:19:518 13:56.12S 127:19.52E
Tue 07 Jul 11:17 Darwin S12:25:549 E130:49:011 12:25.55S 130:49.01E
Sun 05 Jul 21:29 Popham Bay S11:15:882 E131:49:666 11:15.88S 131:49.67E
Fri 03 Jul 08:47 Black Point, Port Essington S10:52:617 E133:36:667 10:52.62S 133:36.67E
Thu 02 Jul 15:41 Passage across the Arafura Sea S10:52:617 E133:36:667 10:52.62S 133:36.67E
Wed 01 Jul 16:01 Off again
Jun 2015
Tue 30 Jun 00:51 Two Island Bay S11:04:53 E136:43:78 11:04.53S 136:43.78E
Mon 29 Jun 21:58 Day 2 Gulf of Carpentaria S10:58:67 E136:57:148 10:58.67S 136:57.15E
Sun 28 Jun 22:42 Day 1 Gulf of Carpentaria S10:52:99 E139:29:23 10:52.99S 139:29.23E
Sat 27 Jun 21:52 Heading West! S10:46:843 E142:18:802 10:46.84S 142:18.80E
Thu 25 Jun 06:34 Cape York S10:41:337 E142:31:579 10:41.34S 142:31.58E
Tue 23 Jun 23:35 S11:57:48 E143:12:40 Margaret Bay 11:57.48S 143:12.40E
Mon 22 Jun 19:56 S13:10:822 E143:34:372 Night Island 13:10.82S 143:34.37E
Sun 21 Jun 20:58 S13:56:427 E143:53:121 Hedge Reef 13:56.43S 143:53.12E
Fri 19 Jun 20:58 S14:10:612 E144:13:731 Flinders Island Reef 14:10.61S 144:13.73E
Mon 15 Jun 05:00 Lizard Island S14:39:574 E145:26:971 14:39.57S 145:26.97E
Sun 14 Jun 09:51 Hope Islands S15:43:779 E145:27:357 15:43.78S 145:27.36E
Fri 12 Jun 23:35 Low Isles S16:22:857 E145:33:837 16:22.86S 145:33.84E
Wed 10 Jun 05:24 Cairns S16:56:343 E145:46:956 16:56.34S 145:46.96E
Sun 07 Jun 05:31 Orpheus Island S18:35:723 E146:29:253 18:35.72S 146:29.25E
Sat 06 Jun 00:54 Magnetic Island S19:06:56 E146:51:611 19:06.56S 146:51.61E
May 2015
Wed 27 May 03:39 Cape Upstart S19:42:85 E147:45:10 19:42.85S 147:45.10E
Mon 25 May 17:00 Montes S20:04:066 E148:26:464 20:04.07S 148:26.46E
Sun 10 May 05:22 Shaw Island Whitsundays S20:27:47 E149:04:75 20:27.47S 149:04.75E
Sat 02 May 08:30 Keppel Island S23:09:85 E150:57:11 23:09.85S 150:57.11E
Apr 2015
Wed 29 Apr 22:31 Pancake Creek S24:00:674 E151:44:223 24:00.67S 151:44.22E
Mon 27 Apr 22:31 Lady Musgrave Atoll S23:54:139 E152:24:245 23:54.14S 152:24.25E
Thu 23 Apr 07:13 Fraser Island S25:38:092 E152:58:051 25:38.09S 152:58.05E
Wed 01 Apr 04:53 S27:57:057 E153:25:298 Gold Coast 27:57.06S 153:25.30E
Mar 2015
Sat 28 Mar 02:14 S30:18:249 E153:08:633 Coff's Harbour 30:18.25S 153:08.63E
Sun 22 Mar 00:10 S32:43:467 E152:05:912 Port Stevens 32:43.47S 152:05.91E
Wed 18 Mar 06:00 S35:08:078 E150:44:61 Jervis Bay 35:08.08S 150:44.61E
Sat 14 Mar 21:42 S37:21:407 E150:03:59 Off Eden coast 37:21.41S 150:03.59E
Fri 13 Mar 11:46 S39:57:212 E148:21:548 Babel Island 39:57.21S 148:21.55E
Thu 12 Mar 17:26 S40:25:759 E148:28:349 Cape Barren Island 40:25.76S 148:28.35E
Wed 11 Mar 22:57 S42:10:43 E148:24:19 Off wine glass bay 42:10.43S 148:24.19E
Wed 11 Mar 22:43 S42:40:514 E148:03:67 Maria Island 42:40.51S 148:03.67E
Sun 08 Mar 14:43 S43:08:445 E147:51:492 Port Arthur 43:08.45S 147:51.49E
Tue 03 Mar 07:43 S43:07:599 E147:15:069 Kettering 43:07.60S 147:15.07E
Mon 02 Mar 03:43 S43:34:779 E146:53:502 Recherche Bay 43:34.78S 146:53.50E
Feb 2015
Thu 26 Feb 08:43 S43:21:872 E146:07:889 Port Davey 43:21.87S 146:07.89E
Sat 21 Feb 03:43 S43:39:624 E146:49:913 SOUTH EAST CAPE TASMANIA 43:39.62S 146:49.91E
Thu 19 Feb 22:43 S43:08:83 E147:17:33 APOLLO BAY 43:08.83S 147:17.33E
Tue 03 Feb 10:15 S43:26:83 E147:08:76 Bruny island 43:26.83S 147:08.76E
Jan 2015
Wed 21 Jan 05:43 S43:07:291 E147:20:410 HOBART 43:07.29S 147:20.41E
Sun 11 Jan 01:43 S43:07:636 E147:57:496 FORTESCUE BAY 43:07.64S 147:57.50E
Tue 06 Jan 23:46 Arrival Tasmania Postion: S42:15:387 E148:16:619 42:15.39S 148:16.62E
Tue 06 Jan 07:17 Sydney to Tasmania (via Eden) Day 3 Position: S40:02:76 E149:11:05 40:02.76S 149:11.05E
Sun 04 Jan 02:34 Sydney to Tasmania (via Eden) Current Position S37:06:525 E149:55:65 37:06.53S 149:55.65E
Sat 03 Jan 02:53 Sydney to Tasmania (via Eden) Current Position S36:09:74 E150:25:94 36:09.74S 150:25.94E
Oct 2014
Tue 28 Oct 00:32 Day 8 NZ to Oz - arrival in Sydney Position: S33:51:66 E151:13:13 33:51.66S 151:13.13E
Sun 26 Oct 21:25 Day 7 NZ to Oz Position S34:10:65 E153:45:18 34:10.65S 153:45.18E
Sat 25 Oct 21:02 Day 6 NZ to Oz Position S34.08 E157.05 34:08.00S 157:05.00E
Fri 24 Oct 21:02 Day 5 NZ to Oz Position S33:18:66 E160:29:92 33:18.66S 160:29.92E
Thu 23 Oct 21:14 Day 4 NZ to Oz Position S32:35:92 E163:09:18 32:35.92S 163:09.18E
Wed 22 Oct 21:28 Day 3 NZ to Oz Position S32:26:24 E166:21:10 32:26.24S 166:21.10E
Tue 21 Oct 21:08 Day 2 NZ to Oz Position S32:47:38 E169:49:85 32:47.38S 169:49.85E
Mon 20 Oct 21:30 Day 1 NZ to Oz Position 34:02:53S 171:56:68E 34:02.53S 171:56.68E
Sun 19 Oct 19:32 Leaving NZ S35:18:921 E174:07:334 35:18.92S 174:07.33E
Fri 17 Oct 05:17 S35:14:05 E174:10:127 Bay of Islands 35:14.05S 174:10.13E
Fri 10 Oct 05:17 S38:52:39 E178:00:89 Gisbourne 38:52.39S 178:00.89E
Fri 03 Oct 05:17 S41:12:14 E174:06:08 Ruakaka Bay 41:12.14S 174:06.08E
Wed 01 Oct 05:17 S41.09 E174.16 Leaving Nelson 41:09.00S 174:16.00E
Apr 2014
Wed 30 Apr 03:23 Nelson S41:15:70 E173:16:88 41:15.70S 173:16.88E
Sat 26 Apr 03:23 Port Hardy, D'Urville Island S40:47:80 E173:52:10 40:47.80S 173:52.10E
Sat 12 Apr 05:35 Queen Charlotte Sound S41:12:63 E174:03:99 41:12.63S 174:03.99E
Tue 08 Apr 05:35 Akaroa S43:48:69 E172:57:27 43:48.69S 172:57.27E
Mar 2014
Sun 30 Mar 08:30 Port Chalmers - Dunedin S46:10:93 E170:21:13 46:10.93S 170:21.13E
Sun 23 Mar 06:35 Oban S46:54:30 E168:07:14 46:54.30S 168:07.14E
Tue 11 Mar 19:31 South Cape S47:18:28 E:167:28:55 47:18.28S 167:28.55E
Sun 09 Mar 19:25 Stuart Island S47:09:163 E167:34:243 47:09.16S 167:34.24E
Wed 05 Mar 19:25 Preservation Inlet S46:04:154 E166:37:546 46:04.15S 166:37.55E
Sat 01 Mar 19:25 Chalky Inlet S45:58:309 E166:35:424 45:58.31S 166:35.42E
Feb 2014
Fri 28 Feb 20:53 Dusky Sound S45:47:75 E166:34:449 45:47.75S 166:34.45E
Sun 23 Feb 20:09 George Sound S44:55:769 E167:23:750 44:55.77S 167:23.75E
Thu 20 Feb 20:09 Breaksea Sound S45:43:05 E166:58:45 45:43.05S 166:58.45E
Sat 15 Feb 20:09 Doubtful Sound S45:27:495 E167:09:07 45:27.50S 167:09.07E
Wed 12 Feb 20:09 Charles Sound S45:08:54 E167:08:78 45:08.54S 167:08.78E
Fri 07 Feb 20:34 George Sound S44:55:769 E167:23:750 44:55.77S 167:23.75E
Tue 04 Feb 20:34 Milford Sound S44:40:88 E167:55:637 44:40.88S 167:55.64E
Sat 01 Feb 09:28 Westport S42:07:51 E170:51:20 42:07.51S 170:51.20E
Jan 2014
Fri 31 Jan 20:34 Adel Island S40:58:71 E173:03:28 40:58.71S 173:03.28E
Nov 2013
Fri 08 Nov 22:25 Arrival New Zealand
Thu 07 Nov 22:41 Day 5 New Cal to New Zealand S33:52:71 E172:23:13 33:52.71S 172:23.13E
Wed 06 Nov 22:32 Day 4 New Cal to New Zealand S32:12:10 E169:33:33 32:12.10S 169:33.33E
Tue 05 Nov 22:26 Day 3 New Cal to New Zealand S29:33:04 E167:49:92 29:33.04S 167:49.92E
Mon 04 Nov 22:30 Day 2 New Cal to New Zealand S27:13:76 E166:10:98 27:13.76S 166:10.98E
Sun 03 Nov 22:32 Day 1 New Caledonia to New Zealand S25.05.67: E166.01.892
Aug 2013
Thu 29 Aug 22:21 Day 4 Arrival New Caledonia S22:21:16 E166:57:378 22:21.16S 166:57.38E
Wed 28 Aug 22:30 Day 3 S21:49:593 E168:52:774 21:49.59S 168:52.77E
Tue 27 Aug 22:20 Day 2 S20:04:154 E171:16:553 20:04.15S 171:16.55E
Mon 26 Aug 22:46 Day 1 S18:51:6 E174:10:98 18:51.60S 174:10.98E
Sun 25 Aug 18:53 Next leg of journey S17:35:95 E177:26:49 17:35.95S 177:26.49E
May 2013
Mon 06 May 00:14 FW: Arrival Fiji S16:46:655 E179:19:918 16:46.66S 179:19.92E
Wed 01 May 22:36 New Zealand to Fiji S18:27:611 E178:50:067 18:27.61S 178:50.07E
Apr 2013
Tue 30 Apr 22:25 New Zealand to Fiji S20:01:798 E177:13:868 20:01.80S 177:13.87E
Tue 30 Apr 02:00 New Zealand to Fiji S22:57:097 E176:57:702 22:57.10S 176:57.70E
Sun 28 Apr 22:29 New Zealand to Fiji S25:25:468 E177:34:199 25:25.47S 177:34.20E
Sat 27 Apr 22:28 New Zealand to Fiji S28:05:261 E176:35:122 28:05.26S 176:35.12E
Fri 26 Apr 22:31 New Zealand to Fiji S30:10:528 E176:10:248 30:10.53S 176:10.25E
Thu 25 Apr 22:25 New Zealand to Fiji S32:26:927 E175:20:784 32:26.93S 175:20.78E
Nov 2012
Fri 09 Nov 01:34 Bay of Islands, New Zealand S35:18:820 E174:07:361 35:18.82S 174:07.36E
Thu 08 Nov 18:43 Days 5 & 6 Tonga to New Zealand S34:48:78 E174:32:717 34:48.78S 174:32.72E
Wed 07 Nov 18:17 Day 5 S32:25:094 E176:12:876 32:25.09S 176:12.88E
Tue 06 Nov 18:16 Day 4 Tonga to New Zealand S29:36:049 E177:55:694 29:36.05S 177:55.69E
Mon 05 Nov 18:17 Day 3 Crossing the date line S26:27:371 E179:14:617 26:27.37S 179:14.62E
Sun 04 Nov 17:56 Tonga to New Zealand Day 2 S23:41:85 W179:03:30 23:41.85S 179:03.30W
Sat 03 Nov 18:18 Day 1 Tonga to New Zealand S21:41:687 W176:43:791 21:41.69S 176:43.79W
Fri 02 Nov 17:46 Leaving Tonga S20:16:59 W174:48:24 20:16.59S 174:48.24W
Sep 2012
Sat 22 Sep 18:59 Tonga S18:39:248 W173:59:019 18:39.25S 173:59.02W
Tue 04 Sep 20:34 Day 2 Suwarrow to Samoa S13:33 W169:29 13:33.00S 169:29.00W
Mon 03 Sep 18:05 Day 1 Suwarrow to Samoa S13.20.0 W166.21.6 13:20.00S 166:21.60W
Aug 2012
Thu 23 Aug 20:09 Arrival Surrarow S13:14:84 W163:06:55 13:14.84S 163:06.55W
Wed 22 Aug 19:08 Day 4 BoraBora to Suwarrow S13:17:25 W162:42:24 13:17.25S 162:42.24W
Tue 21 Aug 19:11 Day 3 BoraBora to Suwarrow S13:52:75 W160:02:76 13:52.75S 160:02.76W
Mon 20 Aug 19:02 Day 2 BoraBora to Suwarrow S14:52:91 W156:59:23 14:52.91S 156:59.23W
Sun 19 Aug 19:39 BoraBora to Suwarrow S15:39:80 W154:03:60 15:39.80S 154:03.60W
Jun 2012
Sun 03 Jun 18:03 S17:43:97 W149:19:66 Tahiti 17:43.97S 149:19.66W
Sat 02 Jun 16:56 S17:45:905 W148:43:326 Almost there 17:45.91S 148:43.33W
Fri 01 Jun 17:32 S17:05:507 W146:23:592 Tuamotus to Tahiti 17:05.51S 146:23.59W
May 2012
Sat 12 May 19:23 16:03:522S 145:37:301W The Tuamotus 16:03.52S 145:37.30W
Apr 2012
Mon 23 Apr 00:48 14:32:28S 146:21:477W Day 3 arrival 14:32.28S 146:21.48W
Sat 21 Apr 21:31 13:09:56S 143:49:45W Day 2 13:09.56S 143:49.45W
Fri 20 Apr 21:36 11:34:57S 141:10:08W Passage to Tuamotus Day 1 11:34.57S 141:10.08W
Mar 2012
Tue 20 Mar 05:58 (no subject)
Fri 16 Mar 23:07 09:48:2332S 139:01:875W Arrival in the Marquesas 9:48.23S 139:01.88W
Fri 16 Mar 16:25 09:58:769S 138:28:589W Day 18 - the taming of the beast 9:58.77S 138:28.59W
Thu 15 Mar 16:31 10:31:91S 136:13:15W Day 16 10:31.91S 136:13.15W
Wed 14 Mar 16:41 10:39:495S 134.07.561W Day 16 10:39.49S 134:07.56W
Tue 13 Mar 18:07 10:33:22S 131:50:142W Day 15 10:33.22S 131:50.14W
Mon 12 Mar 16:32 10:23:880S 129:06:783W Day 14 10:23.88S 129:06.78W
Sun 11 Mar 17:46 10:08:25S 126:02:592W Day 13 10:08.25S 126:02.59W
Sat 10 Mar 16:21 09:47:503S 122:46:148W Day 12 9:47.50S 122:46.15W
Fri 09 Mar 16:38 09:41:37S 119:25:56W Day 11 9:41.37S 119:25.56W
Thu 08 Mar 16:52 09:49:06S 116:21:22W day 10 9:49.06S 116:21.22W
Wed 07 Mar 16:36 09:52:55S 113:24:78W Day 9 9:52.55S 113:24.78W
Tue 06 Mar 16:31 09:58:334S 110:24:975W Day 8 9:58.33S 110:24.98W
Mon 05 Mar 17:14 09:31:205S 107:29:461W Day 7 9:31.20S 107:29.46W
Sun 04 Mar 16:24 09:38:608S 104:51:47W Day 6 9:38.61S 104:51.47W
Sat 03 Mar 16:25 08:56:602S 101:42:881W 8:56.60S 101:42.88W
Fri 02 Mar 17:11 08:21:163S 98:52:297W Day 4 8:21.16S 98:52.30W
Thu 01 Mar 17:31 06:51:829S 96:11:59W Day 3 6:51.83S 96:11.59W
Feb 2012
Wed 29 Feb 16:14 04:11:096S 93:37:40W Day 2 4:11.10S 93:37.40W
Tue 28 Feb 16:45 02:37:403S 92:12:027W Day 1 2:37.40S 92:12.03W
Sat 18 Feb 13:29 Arrival - 00:57:92S 090:57:73W 0:57.92S 90:57.73W
Fri 10 Feb 14:48 8th Day 01:04:67S 90:42:54W 1:04.67S 90:42.54W
Thu 09 Feb 13:00 7th Day 00:39:80 088:59:40W 0:39.80S 88:59.40W
Wed 08 Feb 13:32 6th day 00:10:62S 087:09:02W 0:10.62S 87:09.02W
Tue 07 Feb 13:14 5th day 01:06:64N 085:17:04W 1:06.64N 85:17.04W
Mon 06 Feb 15:20 4th Day 01:32:10N 82:51:18W 1:32.10N 82:51.18W
Sun 05 Feb 14:43 3rd Day 03:09:21N 83:07:08W 3:09.21N 83:07.08W
Sat 04 Feb 12:46 2nd Day 04:08:45N 81:44:08W 4:08.45N 81:44.08W
Sat 04 Feb 12:43 1st Day 06:10:85N 80:05:44W 6:10.85N 80:05.44W
Wed 01 Feb 12:49 Contadora 08:37:33N 79:02:09W 8:37.33N 79:02.09W
Nov 2011
Tue 08 Nov 22:36 Pacific Ocean 08:55:23N 79:31:78W 8:55.23N 79:31.78W
Aug 2011
Sat 20 Aug 11:41 Land Travel 09:36:60N 79:36:56W 9:36.60N 79:36.56W
Wed 03 Aug 11:39 Land Travel 09:36:60N 79:36:56W 9:36.60N 79:36.56W
Jul 2011
Sun 31 Jul 11:36 San Andreas 12:24:09N 81:28:61W 12:24.09N 81:28.61W
Jun 2011
Thu 30 Jun 11:36 Providencia 12:34:36N 81:41:53W 12:34.36N 81:41.53W
May 2011
Tue 31 May 11:36 Paint Job Shelter Bay 09:22:19N 78:57:03W 9:22.19N 78:57.03W
Apr 2011
Sat 30 Apr 11:36 San Blas 09:33:78N 78:51:55W 9:33.78N 78:51.55W
Mar 2011
Thu 31 Mar 11:31 Honeymoon Couple David & Sue on board 09:36:60N 79:36:56W 9:36.60N 79:36.56W
Tue 08 Mar 18:02 Leaving Grenada for a while N11:59:82 W061:45:82 11:59.82N 61:45.82W
Feb 2011
Mon 28 Feb 12:29 Bocas 09:19:85N 82:10:77W 9:19.85N 82:10.77W
Jan 2011
Mon 31 Jan 12:29 Bocas 09:19:91N 82:14:85W 9:19.91N 82:14.85W
Dec 2010
Fri 03 Dec 23:58 09:36:602N 079:36:561W Panamarina 9:36.60N 79:36.56W
Nov 2010
Mon 15 Nov 22:16 San Blas 09:19:60N 78:15:20W 9:19.60N 78:15.20W
Tue 09 Nov 18:30 San Blas 08:56:93N 077:45:21W 8:56.93N 77:45.21W
Mon 01 Nov 22:28 Chalon 10:09:79N 75:39:61W 10:09.79N 75:39.61W
Oct 2010
Wed 20 Oct 14:28 10:22:80N 75:32:62W Cartagena des Indes 10:22.80N 75:32.62W
Sep 2010
Wed 29 Sep 21:19 Bonaire 12:09.00N 68:23.00W