Passage from Reunion to South Africa - Almost there - S29:48:335 E031:12:676

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 29 Oct 2015 05:59

Day 8


Well the sea did eventually calm down leaving a 3m swell and we had a reasonable day – had a few squalls at around 4pm but nothing to worry about.  The wind eventually died around 2am with 60M to go so we have been motoring since then.  Fortunately the genoa was OK when we put it out – we just cut off the offending rags!  We’re back to sailing now – about  6 miles off Durban and the Agulhas current is not apparent at all – no more than any of the currents we have encountered on this passage.  It’s a sunny day with a gentle 15 knot breeze from the north east.  We can see the high-rise buildings – oh what a welcome sight!!


Date and time: 28th October 09.30 local (GMT + 4 hrs) 


Position:  S29:48:335 E031:12:676


24 hours distance:   180nm