Passage from Ascension to Grenada Position: N05:41:571 W050:27:929

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 29 Feb 2016 11:27

Day 13


Well we actually had some sun yesterday – enough for the solar panels to make something of it!  Wonderful! We sailed with just the genoa until about 4pm then the wind dropped a bit so we added a well reefed main.  Because of the extra rigging doubling up the D1 shrouds, we can’t get the main out very far, but its fine on a close or beam reach, which it is now. So we now still have reefed main and genoa but we have around 1.5 knots of positive current so we’re doing quite well.  The lumpy sea from yesterday has calmed down a bit now too. 


It did rain a bit in the night but ‘normal’ rain and the sky is a bit grey again this morning but only a thin veil of cloud so it’s all good on this leap year day! We are currently about 100nm off French Guyana and “Devil’s” Island, the scene for the move Papillon. Helen sent us some satellite based weather intel in answer to our question about what was happening a couple of days ago transiting the Amazon delta? It seems we are on the edge of some high cloud running from Venezuela to the Amazon, but have cleared the wicked stuff we spent 24 hrs transiting a couple of days ago.


Date and time: 29th Feb 2016; 0800 GMT

24 hours distance:   202nm

Position: N05:41:571 W050:27:929