Passage from St Martin to Bermuda Position: N26:10:2 W064:04:9

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 4 May 2016 12:59

St Martin to Bermuda – Day 3


Another very pleasant day, but alas one of our slowest, although we have passed the half way point. As predicted the wind decreased and went aft resulting in speeds of 4-5k throughout the night.

The seas are pretty flat and its very comfortable, but slow. This means we might struggle to make it to Bermuda before dark on Friday and ahead of the front, so it could be a very dark, wet and windy arrival!

Not seen any sea life or other ships until this am when a large yacht appeared 5 miles to our east, motoring! The AIS has been completely quiet. A slither of moon rose about 04.00 not adding much light, but the stars were bright and impressive all night. We expect about an hour extra daylight by the time we reach Bermuda versus St Martin, so the long nights are getting shorter!


Date and time: 4th May 2016; 13.00 GMT

Distance:   135 M

Position: N26:10:2 W064:04:9