Day 6 NZ to Oz Position S34.08 E157.05

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sat 25 Oct 2014 21:02

It’s been a hard night’s day!  All was running along smoothly with calm seas and a good breeze – on starboard tack all day but then about 5pm something must’ve upset the sea because it really started to have a tantrum!  All through the night it’s been kicking up a fuss.  Doesn’t make for a very comfortable ride – sleeping becomes hard work because you have to try to compensate for the rapid movements all the time.  Even sitting typing this I’m having to move around and I keep hitting the wrong keys!  The adverse current seems to have slackened considerably so we are currently bowling along on a close reach at around 9 knots!  The wind is due to die off a bit early afternoon and go ahead again then we’ll have another small front to go through before we hit southerlies – no idea what the sea will do – let’s hope it calms down a bit. Got about 300m to go, so still looking like a Tuesday arrival. Apart from that all is well – no ships on the AIS, no sea creatures but a whole family of albatross (albatrosses/albatossi?) sitting on the sea yesterday – a couple of adults and several youngsters just floating around (that was when the sea was calm) – cute!


24 hour distance:   181 miles