Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N36:12:0 W052:40:0

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 18 May 2016 10:50

Bermuda to Azores  – Day 5


A pleasant day with lots of sunshine and light westerly winds. Unfortunately the wind is right from behind so progress is slow and rolly. Much crashing and banging and wearing away of the boat!

As predicted the wind went very light late evening and stayed that way all night, so we crashed and wallowed all night at 3.5k under reefed mainsail only.

Have started engine at 05.30 utc to charge batteries and cut down the banging and crashing for a few hours. Expect usable wind from the south by around lunch time (16.00 utc) then back on track.

Our next objective is to get south far enough to keep below the worst of the big low which should sweep past to our north at the weekend.


Date and time: 18th May 2016; 09.15 GMT

Position: N36:12:0 W052:40:0

24 hr distance: 136M