Day 4 NZ to Oz Position S32:35:92 E163:09:18

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 23 Oct 2014 21:14

Well what can I say – a rather pleasant day with reasonable seas (2 metre swells but not much wind chop) and mostly fine weather.  Had a good feed of bacon butties and chicken curry (not together) to make up for the previous day. We were trundling along on port tack the whole day making good time until 2am. Then had a visit from our old Russian friends – enginonanoff and sailsoutanin – between 2am and 6am but the wind is up again now and we’re back on course making good speed. Why do these guys always have to come in the middle of a dark night! We had expected the wind to be fairly constant from the south and gradually dying off as we approach the high, but we seem to be getting lots of little cells of convection coming through which are causing the many changes in direction and speed. Expecting to pass north of the high tomorrow so probably no wind but then looks like we should have strong northerly winds for a while. We passed the half-way point of 600 miles during the night, and all being well we are looking at a Tuesday daytime arrival in Sydney, though a lot of water to pass under the keel before that.  No sea creatures, no ships on AIS but the occasional albatross and a few shearwaters. 



24  hour distance:   173 miles