Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S15:58:439 E114:26:423

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 31 Aug 2015 00:35

Day 2


Despite the grib files showing light winds, we had 12- 15 knots most of the day.  At one point it got up to around 20 so we put a reef in the genoa and kept it in all day – made good progress at around 8 knots for the best part of the day.  The seas got a bit sloppy but generally not too uncomfortable.  During the night the wind did drop to around 5 knots but we still kept up a reasonable speed of around 4 – 5  knots. The long roll has now shortened considerably and there are wind waves so seas are a bit more lively.  Shook out the reef early this morning.  Still close reaching on port tack – not much fiddling about to do with the sails!  Lots of reading!


No cetaceans but one lonely long tailed tropic bird and a clutch of brown boobies having an ocean wave conference!  Shipping trade still going strong with China!



24 hours miles: 187


Position at 08.30 – 31 August (GMT+8):  S15:58:439 E114:26:423