Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N35:16:9 W059:01:2

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 16 May 2016 14:35

Bermuda to Azores  – Day 2


Very pleasant day yesterday after the sun came out. Lots of amps! Seas a bit rolly, but a decent fast broad reach under well reefed main and genoa.

All going well till around midnight, then it all started again, though no thunder thankfully. Got the genoa away and down to staysail and reefed main. Winds anywhere between 20-35k, and skuding along at 8-9k most of the time. Really heavy rain and strong gusts after dawn this am, and only now starting to clear away and provide an opportunity to work at the computer (1400utc). Not bad enough though to stop David making scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast!

Managed to make SSB contact with the pack of boat ahead of us (Deesse, Iona, Galenago, Palegie), and one behind (Ethereal), so not so lonely now. They had changed their sched times to accommodate their new time zone – as we suspected!


Date and time: 16th May 2016; 09.15 GMT

Position: N35:16:9 W059:01:2

24 hr distance: 183M