09:49:06S 116:21:22W day 10

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 8 Mar 2012 16:52

Continued pretty much the same all day yesterday without adjusting the sails (downwind with poled out genoa and slight reef in the main).  Still the same seas and steady wind.  Just shortened sail a bit for the night then back out in the morning.  Have just shaken the reef out of the main as the wind is lighter this morning.


Fortunately it looks like the waves are gradually decreasing too so we never got the threatened 4 metre babies which were promised at the end last week.


Not much doing in the way of wild life - apart from what’s on the boat!  We see the occasional bird or flock of birds (usually around 6 or 7) but that’s it. ‘Nada mas’ or should I now be saying ‘rien d’autre’.  Been practising a bit of French and doing a bit of ‘kindle-ing’.  Certainly no way I can do any yoga or I’d be in the drink!  Might have to be treated for bed sores when we get there!


24 hours distance:  177 miles    Position:  S09.49.06  W116.21.22