Day 3 NZ to Oz Position S32:26:24 E166:21:10

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 22 Oct 2014 21:28


A bit of a wicked fairground ride for most of the daylight hours – and despite my pills being magic – they’re not so magic as to allow for doing a killer sudoku or reading on the big dipper!  Stayed hard on the wind until around 2pm when it started to go round more to the south so for the rest of the day we were fast close reaching (9kts) on port tack with boisterous seas for company but at least we are now pointing towards Oz instead of New Caledonia!  After dinner (which we didn’t have) the seas did start to calm down a bit and the wind got up so we put a reef back in the main and had a comfortable and quite quick night.  Currently have fairly pleasant conditions with 2 – 2.5 metre waves and 10k wind from the south, not much chop, sun and about 20% cloud cover. Cruising along at around 7k.  According to the gribs, we expect to wind to die off as the day goes on, as we pass the north edge of the high to our south. We may lose the wind later in the day and have to resort to motor sailing for a bit. Expecting to emerge into northerly quadrant winds on the other side, and should be able to bear away a bit more southerly towards Sydney in a couple of days.  No sea creatures, 2 ships on the AIS (but about 20 miles away) and of course the usual sea birds and Michael at 6.30pm and both Michael and Rankin from Gypsea Heart (also ion New Cal) for company at 9am today!


24  hour distance:   182 miles