4th Day 01:32:10N 82:51:18W

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 6 Feb 2012 15:20

Day 4


No glorious sunrise today – clouds too thick but can’t complain as we had plenty of wind.  By mid morning the wind was south east 17 knots and we were storming along close hauled on port tack.  Still had current against though. Getting into a daily routine now – net on the SSB radio with the Pan Pacific Net at 09.00 hrs and afterwards a chat with friends Darramy and Malarkey – usually discussion about wind and grib files and strategy for the day!  They both set off a day before us so we’ll a bit scattered about.  We’ve had some useful weather info too from friends (Tisha Baby and Sea Cycle) back in Panama who join in the net.  Daily check over boat – lines, blocks, fittings, rigging, sails etc then check vegetables to see what needs using then a bit of housekeeping (or should that be boat keeping?)  Bit of a task cleaning the toilet at an angle of 45 degrees though!  We check emails, upload our blog and get our daily weather file on the satellite phone some time during the morning.  Then it’s R & R!


Stayed on port tack all day with the wind 12 – 15 knots, lumpy sea and 1 to 1.5 knots current against but going well.  No cetacean sightings – just the odd sea bird.  Seas and wind started to die off late afternoon so able to cook a good dinner!  Wind died off completely and sloppy seas with sails crashing and banging so motored for 3 hours to find calm seas.  23.00 hrs engine off, a bit of wind so we sailed on starboard tack all night in very flat seas – making a bit of progress but not in the right direction!  Days distance:  125 miles