Passage from Deshais - Guadeloupe to Antigua Position: N17:00:225 W061:45:654

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Fri 22 Apr 2016 14:51

Rough old sail today with well reefed main and headsail. Wind north of east 18-20k with lumpy seas meant we were hard on the wind and slamming and banging all the way. Departed 08.30 and arrived English harbour 16.00, after having to tack along the south coast of Antigua. We had a bit of a race with the J class yacht Ranger who tacked behind us about 10m north of Guadeloupe. We were managing 7 k but he was doing 10.5k and towing a dinghy, so he soon overhauled us. Lots of boats here including half a dozen we know from the Indian ocean. Nice to have a welcome committee for a change.

No suitable weather for onward passage in sight, so expect to be here a week or two at least.


Date and time: 21st April 2016; 21.00 GMT

distance:   42m

Position: N17:00:225 W061:45:654