Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S15:26:885 E111:35:213

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 1 Sep 2015 00:30

Day 3


Wind pretty steady all day so maintained a close reach on port tack doing around 7 – 8 knots.  The swell gradually built up to around 3 – 4 m with a long period of around 11 sec. This is coming all the way from big winds in the southern ocean. Although large and looking like massive hillsides coming towards you, it’s actually very gentle due to the long period, so not uncomfortable.  On top of that we get the wind waves, which at present are not much more than a meter. These are the ones that cause you to wobble around, particularly if the wind drops and the sails loose their drive and damping effect. All in all not too uncomfortable though and pleasant good value for money sailing.  As per usual the wind dropped a bit in the night but we were still able to maintain a reasonable speed of around 4 – 5 knots. Wind is gradually going behind so we expect our speed to drop off as it does.  Bit of cloud around, looking like typical trade wind lanes with stronger and lighter bands of wind under them – some actually look like rain clouds.  We haven’t seen any rain since crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria about two months ago - the boat is so dirty and salt-encrusted we could do with a quick shower to clean it off – oops I’d better be careful what I wish for!


Daily check OK – lots of flying fish about but none on deck this morning. 


No cetaceans – a couple of brown boobies and lots of flying fish who seem to shoot out of the water like shot from a canon.  Even the shipping trade with China seems to have almost stopped!  Just us and this great big blue ocean (plus the zillions of creatures just under the surface).


We’re certainly getting through some books – thank goodness for our little electronic friends!



24 hours miles: 178 miles


Position at 08.30 –1 September (GMT+8):  S15:26:885 E111:35:213