Arrival St Helena S15:55:4673 W005:43:4704

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Thu 28 Jan 2016 15:25

Arrived St Helena – just 9 days and 30 minutes!  A huge chunk of rock rising out of the sea!  Looks as if there’s quite a hike out of the place (Jacob’s Ladder – approx. 680 steps).   All good – about to have traditional English.


Totals:   1697nm;  Time: 216.5 hours;   Average speed: 7.83


Well we were just about to start cooking when we had a call from the customs – the taxi service was coming to collect us!  So we’re now back after having been through harbour master/customs/immigration and had a lunch out and a walk around the town.  Looks like a really fascinating place – so looking forward to the next few days.  We’ve actually booked to go swimming with whale sharks on Saturday – apparently they’re around the area until March.


Now just need a good nights sleep.  We’re the same time zone as the UK.

All the best

Jean and Matt



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