Passage from Bermuda to Azores Position: N38:01:5 W030:25:0

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 24 May 2016 10:04

Bermuda to Azores  – Day 10


Another rough day yesterday, though winds more in the 25k range, but with big lumpy seas. Kept 4 reefs in main, but managed to get genoa partly out for much of the day, before reverting back to staysail late afternoon. Consequently have lost a bit of speed, though in these seas, its fast enough.

As of 09.30utc we have 90M to run to Horta. The wind has swung NW and is still in the 20-25k range and seas big and confused. We are doing about 6.5 – 7k. If we can up it to 7.5k we might get in just before dark, but that currently looks unlikely.

All well on board, still eating well though a bit more sleep would be welcome. Shoulder improving.

We think Horta is on UTC incl daylight savings time so only 1hr off UK.


Date and time: 24th May 2016; 09.15 GMT

Position: N38:01:5 W030:25:0

24 hr distance: 183M