Day 2 New Cal to New Zealand S27:13:76 E166:10:98

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Mon 4 Nov 2013 22:30

Managed to keep sailing until around 2pm when the wind dropped completely so on went the iron jib!  Around 7 pm we downloaded a detailed grib file so we could see where the front was and when it would go through.  Engine on until just after midnight when the wind came in from the west and were able to sail.  Just before 5 the wind started to build and I could see the blackness up ahead so we reefed the sails ready for the front.  Right on schedule at around 5am the wind started to blow and the front came through with a squally shower and a sudden change in wind direction to the south.  Fortunately it didn’t last long and we’re now sailing under grey cloud close hauled with the wind at around 15 knots from the south, struggling to leave Norfolk Island to our east.


I’ve got out the pre-made baguettes and dinner for tonight in anticipation of stronger winds and bigger seas which are forecast for later.  It’s dull and grey and we’re sitting here in thermals and full heavy weather gear already!  Bit like sailing in the UK in winter.



24 hour distance: 135 miles