04:11:096S 93:37:40W Day 2

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 29 Feb 2012 16:14

We sailed until just after lunch time when the wind died and we started to motor sail.  Spent most of the day trying to sail but only achieved half an hour now and again until the wind finally went light and ahead. Since our strategy is to average 5k and get to the trades asap, it was engine on again. Fortunately our variable pitch prop lets us motor sail very nicely between 5 – 6 k at around 1300 rpm using around 3 l/hr fuel.  By late afternoon the seas had built and the long swell was broken up by short chop making uncomfortable conditions.  No cetaceans today and no more fish – just a few small Galapagos petrels chasing the lure!  Just as we were changing watch at 2am we had a close encounter with a container ship and once again had to call him up on VHF  to ask clarify which side he would pass us – thank goodness for AIS!  As the wind had died completely and the main was just flapping around, we decided to put a reef in the main and motor sail through the rest of the night.  Glad we did as it was my watch and we had several squalls and rain!  7am this morning we got the sails out and are now sailing at 7 knots on a beam reach with 13 knots of wind but lumpy seas.


24 hour distance: 127 miles.  Position: 04.11.096S 093.37.40W