Day 5 NZ to Oz Position S33:18:66 E160:29:92

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Fri 24 Oct 2014 21:02

Well, well, another very pleasant day with a  light breeze sailing on a beam reach up until around 6pm then zilch, nada, nothing, so on went the engine and we motor sailed the whole night.  The light winds had been expected as we passed through the northern tip of the high. We are now just west of this and the winds are starting to come round to the north. Right now they are still in the north east (behind us), and although we tried to pole out the Genoa to get sailing again the apparent wind is too low to make decent progress against a 1k counter current which we’ve picked up. Should be in good shape in a couple of hours! We had passed through an area which allegedly is rich in marlin but we weren’t tempted to dangle the rod – didn’t want to have to wrestle with one of those babies on board!  Got some sewing done – repairing the ensign so we don’t disgrace the nation and sewing a bit of halyard string on to the Australian courtesy flag.  One cargo ship on the AIS, no sea creatures but the usual sea birds.


24 hour distance:   158 miles